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Hand Crochet & Knit Baby Layette

Here are photographs of the hand crochet and knit baby layette items creeated for others. Fits newborn to 6-7 months. This is a favorite item to make for so many reasons. Mainly, I get to think about all the wonderful times I spent with person who taught me how to crochet over 25 years ago. And I remember all the expectant mothers who couldn't stop hugging me and smiling after receiving their hand crochet gift. And I think some mothers became pregnant just for the layette, yeah that's it. :-) My biggest regret is not photographing each layette made. Favorite layette was a pink layette with tiny pink buttons on sweater in the shape of "girly" things - telephone, makeup, teddy bear, handbag and more.

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Crochet Layette Set
Note: A crochet tie is normally used instead of Satin Ribbon
Crochet Baby Layette Set

Crochet Baby Layette Set

Crochet Baby Layette Set With Crochet Ties

Hand Knit Baby Sweater & More Crochet Booties Styles
Hand Knit Baby Sweater and Crochet Baby Booties

Standard Crochet Shell Booties to match crochet layette set
Crochet Baby Booties

Crochet Thumbless Mittens - helps prevent newborn facial scratches
Crochet Baby Thumbless Mittens

View All Crochet Layette Pics

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